Women in Transplantation Update

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The WIT initiative went from strength to strength during the 24th International Congress in Berlin. We were delighted by the enthusiasm shown for the initiative by both women and men, and the attendance at the various WIT sessions.

The TTS booth at the meeting had a dedicated WIT desk, where we welcomed many visitors. Women were able to sign up for the initiative and pick up some of the WIT postcards, now available in 11 different languages including: Arabic, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish and Thai.

The now traditional networking event was attended by over 100 women and, much to our delight, a few men as well. The lunchtime meeting provided the opportunity for mentors and mentees to meet face-to-face, often for the first time, and the attendees made the most of the opportunity to establish contacts. Elmi Muller gave a very entertaining and well-received talk intriguingly entitled “Do You Treat Rottweilers or Poodles?”.

The WIT sunrise symposium was delivered by three extremely interesting speakers who gave thought-provoking talks on feminization in medicine and different perspectives on being a female professional in the field of transplantation.

It was very encouraging to see so many people, again both men and women, attend the innovative WIT oral abstract session on the Wednesday afternoon. Highlights included: the consideration of gender and how it impacted on decisions about living donation; the situation and number of women in various spheres of the profession; a personal account of collaboration in a married couple—a transplant surgeon and maths professor; outcome data; and, political, organizational and social changes and their effects on women in transplantation.

We would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who visited us and took part in the WIT sessions in Berlin—it was a dynamic meeting and a pleasure to see so many interesting and varied people involved in and supportive of the WIT initiative.