Transplant Infectious Disease Section Update


The Transplant Infectious Disease section has recently developed and approved by-laws to outline the objectives and operations of the association. With the development of these by-laws TID was in the position to call upon our membership to put forward individuals for nomination to our Council. Upon the completion of the call for nominations a list of highly qualified individuals put their name forward in our first-ever election. TID will be pleased to announce the results of this election at the beginning of May; please check the website for more information.

The 7th International Transplant Infectious Disease Conference will be held in advance of the ESOT 2013 Congress on September 7, 2013 in historic Vienna, Austria. The theme of the conference is “Cutting Edge Topics in Transplant Infectious Disease for the Transplant Clinician” and is aimed primarily at transplant clinicians with some expertise or interest in infections. The objectives of the conference include: initiate cutting-edge diagnostics and therapeutics in organ transplant recipients with viral, bacterial and fungal infections; improve pre-transplant evaluation of both donors and recipients using optimal diagnostics, new vaccine guidelines, and appropriate chemoprophylaxis; understand, identify, diagnose and treat emerging infectious diseases in transplant recipients navigate complicated cases with unusual and unexpected clinical dilemmas. This one-day conference will give participants the opportunity to enjoy open and active discussions after the presentations, and to network with other attendees.