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Cell Transplant Society Update

´╗┐The Cell Transplant Society is pleased to report the Council and Committees of the Society have been hard at work on a number of new initiatives. The Council has been identifying and drafting long-term goals that will continue to maintain CTS as a leader in cellular transplantation, while adapting to trends and new directions in cellular research. The Council recognizes the strength and contributions of young investigators in the field and is working with the Membership Committee to recruit and engage more young scientists to participate in activities of the Society, including greater participation in the program development of future meetings. Additionally, the Council aims to broaden the reach of the Society and is exploring opportunities to partner with other societies focused on stem cells, regenerative cells and cell biology to co-host the 2017 CTS Congress.

The Web and Social Media Committee launched a Facebook page for the CTS in February and is collaborating with the Membership Committee to post information for members and the public that will foster conversation about cellular transplantation. The Committee will also launch a LinkedIn page for members to connect and share information in the next few months. The Membership Committee is reviewing the current membership benefits of joining the Society and evaluating what can be offered to members in non-Congress years.

Finally, planning is now well under way for our 2015 meeting with IPITA and IXA and we look forward to sharing more information about the scientific and social program in the coming months! Visit for all the latest news.

Our Corporate Sponsors

TTS gratefully acknowledges the Corporate Partners whose generous support makes the work of the Society possible:

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