Education Committee Update: Education Academy Survey Results

As of the beginning of June 2014, more than twenty TTS members graduated from The TTS Distinguished Educator Certificate program after completing the 12 online webinar series. More participants in the program are still watching the webinars they missed from the archived recordings on the TTS website, However, it is still not too late to join the program and qualify for the Certificate by watching the archived recordings of these webinars, freely available for all TTS members on the TTS website.

The results of the Education Committee’s survey of the membership on the perception of their competency as educators, need for such courses and reasons for non-attendance have been analyzed. The highlights from the analysis are that 92% of respondents are involved in education and 97% valued involvement in education. The majority of respondents who attended the series rated the webinars very highly. Of non-attendees, 63% were not aware of the course but would consider it. Lack of time was identified by most respondents as a major barrier to participation. Interestingly enough, 97% of respondents agreed that TTS should invest in offering programs focused on education despite that 92% of respondents thought they were effective educators.  

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