International Hand And Composite Tissue Allotransplantation Society Update

The Council of IHCTAS has developed several activities aimed at promoting our young society including advancing our objectives by organizing meetings such as the Chauvet workshop outside of our biennial Congress. The Chauvet workshop held in March 2014 involved a group of 40 experts who discussed the psychosocial outcomes of hand transplantation.

The primary focus for the Society in the next 3 months will be improving the content and information available on the Society’s website. The Council has developed a Web Committee who, thanks to a generous educational grant from IGL Group, will begin to create resources for professionals and patients including video interviews with experts, FAQ’s, international registry requirements and patient stories. The support from the IGL Group will also enable the Society to begin a webinar series in late fall 2014 which will highlight the latest scientific developments, as well as core information for institutions looking to start a new centre. It is our intention that the webinar series act not only as educational tool, but also improves the collaboration among the centres and the possibility for information sharing in this new field of transplantation. All these events will be possible as we continue to improve our finances, increase the number of new members and find other financial supports to continue to revitalize our Society.

IHCTAS is pleased to share that the International Registry on Hand and Composite Tissue Transplantation updated the “Upper Extremity Allotransplantation” section of the registry and it is planning to collaborate with UNOS to ensure stronger collaboration amongst international teams.

Finally, the IHCTAS is pleased to announce the 2015 meeting will take place April 15–17 in Philadelphia, PA, USA under the leadership of Dr. Scott Levin and the team at the University of Pennsylvania. Planning for the meeting is well underway and the local organizing committee and Council of IHCTAS look forward to sharing more information about the meeting in the coming months.  

Our Corporate Sponsors

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