International Pancreas & Islet Transplant Association Update


In May, IPITA organized a Key Opinion Leaders Meeting at the University of Oxford, UK, co-sponsored by TTS with the goal of bringing experts together from around the world to chart the path forward regarding critical research issues in beta cell replacement for the treatment of diabetes. Professors James Markmann and Steve Bartlett organized a highly productive two-day “think tank”-type research retreat meeting. The essential work of the meeting was divided into eight workgroups, each composed of four to five leading scientists and organized around the topics of: allogeneic pancreas transplantation, allogeneic islet transplantation, encapsulation, xenotransplantation, artificial pancreas, immune tolerance, stem cells, and regeneration. Professor Paul Johnson hosted the delegation at St. Edmund’s Hall College, which provided an excellent collegial atmosphere for the scientific discussions. The formal presentations focused on the current state-of-the-science and proposed future research objectives.

Following these formal presentations, the participants, including delegates from the NIH and JDRF, discussed what tools and reagents are needed to move the research forward. The workgroups also outlined what the next key unanswered questions are, and what areas of cross-fertilization are beneficial or synergistic. The organizers and delegates are currently preparing a summary report.

In other IPITA news, planning for the 2015 IPITA-IXA-CTS joint meeting in Melbourne, Australia on November 15–19 is well underway and promises to be one of the largest tripartite meetings to date. The combined meeting will be held immediately after the 14th Transplantation Science Symposium in Lorne, Australia. This venue is along the Great Ocean Road just a couple of hours southwest of Melbourne and strategically presents an excellent opportunity for delegates to attend both meetings.

Several excellent bids to host the 2017 IPITA meeting have recently been received by council for consideration. Strong applications once approved by Council will be distributed to membership for voting later this summer/fall. The Association values the opinions of its membership and therefore, we invite you to share your feedback, comments, and suggestions by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  

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