DICG Webinar - March 17, 2022

Presentation from the Declaration of Istanbul Custodian Group

Transplantation in the Context of Migrants & Refugees: Challenges & Dilemmas

Thursday, March 17, 2022 - 7:00 AM (Local time in Montreal)
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The duration of this webinar is scheduled for 90 minutes.

Why this webinar?

The Declaration of Istanbul (DOI) is a universal & comprehensive guidance document on organ trafficking & transplant tourism . Along with other ethics guidance in global transplantation it has served as an important reference point for policy making. The Declaration of Istanbul Custodian Group (www.declarationofistanbul.org) raises awareness on the DOI’s objectives & serves as a guide to action. Moreover it also aims to interpret & advocate the DOI principles in the light of concrete global & national situations which pose a threat to ethical transplantation.

The world is currently confronted with an unprecedented challenge of wars, conflicts & humanitarian crises. The huge number of refugees & migrants pose special challenges to global health. The situation also makes interpretation of the DOI’s principles related to trafficking & tourism extremely complex. Several recent investigations into human trafficking reveal a close connection trafficking for transplantation. The the recent devastation due to Covid 19 has already led to a significant reduction in the numbers of organ transplants thus increasing the demand supply gap. We are thus witnessing unprecedented fertile ground both in terms of vulnerability for illicit organ removal as well as denial of treatments for organ failure.

Through this webinar, the DICG hopes to gain a better understanding of the intersection of transplantation with the current situation of migrants & refugees & also evolve a plan for joint action with groups working in the field.

Webinar Program

  1. Welcome & Introduction
    Eric Rondeau, DICG (5 min)
  2. Overview of Global Situation
    Sylwia Gawronska, UNODC (10 min)
  3. Asylum seekers, Refugees; Legal Status & Vulnerabilities
    Liliana Sorrentino, UNHCR (10 min)
  4. Vulnerable populations & HTOR
    Sylwia Gawronska, UNODC (10 min)
  5. Health Rights of Refugees, Asylum Seekers & Migrants Samarie Wijekoon Löfvendahl, UNHCR (10 min)
  6. Rights & Obligations of Transplant Professionals in Context of Migrants & Refugees
    Kristof Van Assche, WHO Task Force on Transplant Ethics (10 min)
  7. Summary
    Sanjay Nagral, DICG (5 min)
  8. Discussion and Q+A
    (30 Minutes)


Sanjay Nagral, India

Eric Rondeau, France

Krisof Van Assche, Belgium
Speaker: WHO Task Force

Sylwia Gawronska, Thailand
Speaker: UNODC

Liliana Sorrentino, Switzerland
Speaker: UNHCR

Samarie Wijekoon Löfvendahl, Sweden
Speaker: UNHCR

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