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2010 - TTS International Congress (Vancouver)

ROTRF Symposium: Antibody Mediated Rejection an Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure
16 August 2010  /  07:00 - 08:15

Giving the Incompatible Patient Hope with Kidney Paired Donation

Presenter: Adam Bingaman, San Antonio, United States

Non HLA antibodies in transplantation (Absorber)
16 August 2010  /  07:00 - 08:15


Presenter: Ron Shapiro, Pittsburgh, United States

Predictors of graft failure in kidney transplant recipients

Presenter: Josep Grinyó, , Spain

The role of non-HLA antibodies on acute rejection

Presenter: Kathryn Wood, Oxford,

Testing for non-HLA antibodies, a clinical approach

Presenter: Anat Tambur, Chicago, United States

Summary & Closing Remarks

Presenter: Ron Shapiro, Pittsburgh, United States

Optimal screening of donors and recipients
16 August 2010  /  07:00 - 08:15


Presenter: Martina Sester, Homburg, Germany

Chagas Disease and Strongyloides

Presenter: Rainaldo Bestetti, São josé do Rio Preto, Brazil

Use of NAT in Screening

Presenter: Atul Humar, Edmonton, Canada

Tricky Screening Cases and Expanding the Organ Pool

Presenter: Michael Ison, Chicago, United States

Formation, detection and characterization of antibodies to transplantation antigens
16 August 2010  /  07:00 - 08:15

The immunogenicity of HLA

Presenter: Ilias Doxiadis, ,

Generation and determinants of cellular and humoral responses

Presenter: Adriana Zeevi, ,

Solid phase immunoassays for antibody detection and quantitation

Presenter: Patricia Campbell, Edmonton, Canada

From antibody specificity to epitope matching

Presenter: Rene Duquesnoy, Pittsburgh, United States

The Art of Patient Care
16 August 2010  /  07:00 - 08:15

Nurse led health promotion clinics: A paradigm shift to patient centered care

Presenter: Joanna Routledge, ,

Fairytale or nightmare? A patient's story on adherence

Presenter: Paul Harden, Oxford,

The Genome and Beyond
16 August 2010  /  08:29 - 10:00

Vision and Future of Systems Biology

Presenter: Leroy Hood, ,

Beyond the Genome

Presenter: Jack Greenblatt, , Canada

Monitoring Allograft Status in the 21st Century: A Noninvasive Molecular Approach

Presenter: Manikkam Suthanthiran, New York, United States

Genomics and Biomarkers
16 August 2010  /  10:30 - 12:00

A Highly Specific Novel 3 Gene-set Can Non-invasively Predict Operational Renal Allograft Tolerance

Presenter: Li Li, Stanford, United States



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