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2014 - World Transplant Congress (San Francisco)

Pre-Meeting - Basic Science for the Clinician: Transplant Immunology for the Clinician - Understanding the Game of Transplantation - The Players Part 1
26 July 2014  /  08:00 - 12:00

Overview: The Object and Rules of the Game

Presenter: Geetha Chalasani, Pittsburgh, United States

Quarterbacks and Running Backs: T-Cells from Development Through Activation, Trafficking, Effector Function and Death

Presenter: Birgit Sawitzki, Berlin, Germany

Wide Receivers and Safeties: B-Cells from Development Through Activation, Trafficking, Effector Function and Death

Presenter: William Baldwin, Cleveland, United States

The Scrimmage: Pulling it All Together to Create a Coordinated Immune Response

Presenter: Robert Fairchild, Cleveland, United States

Pre-Meeting - Basic/Translational Science Update - Tehcnological Update
26 July 2014  /  08:00 - 09:45

In Vivo Imaging of the Immune System: Seeing is Believing

Presenter: Daniel Kreisel, St. Louis, United States

CyTOF: The New Frontier om Cellular Immunophenotyping

Presenter: Jordi Ochando, New York, United States

Onward to Molecular Diagnostics in Human Transplantation

Presenter: Barbara Murphy, New York, United States

Pre-Meeting - Clinical Transplant Update
26 July 2014  /  08:00 - 12:00

The Immune Response to the Allograft: What We Still Do not Understand

Presenter: Manikkam Suthanthiran, New York, United States

Optimization of Deceased Donor Organ Function: State of the Art 2014

Presenter: Rutger Ploeg, Oxford, United Kingdom

Clinical Immunosuppression in 2014

Presenter: Allan Kirk, Durham, United States

Tolerance - Where do We Stand in 2014?

Presenter: John Scandling, Palo Alto, United States

Update on Vaccines for Transplant Candidates and Recipients (e.g. Zostava1, HPV, CMV)

Presenter: Deepali Kumar, Toronto, Switzerland

Diverting into the Pipeline - How Do We Best Develop Drugs From Other Disease States for Transplantation? (e.g., campath, ritu1an, bortezimab,etc.) Need for Proper Transplant Trials

Presenter: Allan Kirk, Durham, United States

Pre-Meeting - Allied Health: Global Issues in Transplantation - Innovations in Practice
26 July 2014  /  08:00 - 17:00

Outreach/Satellite Clinics: Considerations in Development & Operation

Presenter: Jennifer Milton, Boerne, United States

Transplant TeleHealth

Presenter: Carl Berg, Durham, United States

Staffing Considerations in Optimizing KPD Access

Presenter: Suzanne McGuire, Lancaster, United States

Psychosocial Considerations in Kidney Paired Donation

Presenter: Marry De Klerk, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Drug Shortages and Their Impact on Medication Safety and Adverse Events

Presenter: Christopher Fortier, Boston, United States

Generic Immunosuppressants: The Role of Bioequivalency Testing

Presenter: Teun Van Gelder, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Using HIV-Positive Donors in HIV-Positive Recipients

Presenter: Elmi Muller, Cape Town, South Africa



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