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September 16, 2021

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Session Spotlight: IXA-CTRMS Honorary Awards Session

Don’t miss this special session on Day 3 when eminent scientists who have significantly contributed to advancements in the field will deliver their inspiring presentations.
David K.C. Cooper
United States
Keith Reemtsma Lecture
Douglas A. Melton
United States
Ricordi Lecture
Emanuele Cozzi
IXA Honorary Lecture

Proceedings of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences Workshop

Transplantation is the best if not the unique treatment for patients with end-stage organ failure. However, thousands of patients die or endure a poor quality of life (QoL) while waiting for a transplantable organ. The shortage of available organs is also the root cause of organ trafficking and transplant tourism, practices that pose a severe risk to individual and public health and to the notion of national self-sufficiency. Organ trafficking and transplant tourism violate fundamental human rights, as protected in the WHO Guiding Principles on Human Cells, Tissue and Organ Transplantation.

New Congress! ISUTx 2021 - Ocrober 8

Women in Transplantation @ASHI 2021

Women in Transplantation are delighted to announce a Networking Event as part of the ASHI Congress 2021, on Wednesday 29th September, 18:00-19:00 ET

Please join us for this Networking Event hosted by Women in Transplantation where Dr. Lynn Gordon will speak on the subject of ‘Pathways to creating equity and inclusion: change is our collective responsibility’. A panel discussion will follow Dr. Gordon’s presentation.

Virtual access to the Women in Transplantation event is FREE to WIT members.

IXA August 2021 Newsletter

Spotlight on IXA President Professor Wayne Hawthorne, Xenotransplantation journal update, Young investigators update, IXA podcasts and upcoming IXA-CTRMS Congress.

ISN - TTS Sister Transplant Centers Program Application Deadline

The ISN - TTS Sister Transplant Centers Program is now accepting applications until October 1st, 2021

The program is a joint partnership between the International Society of Nephrology (ISN) and The Transplantation Society (TTS) to help establish new kidney transplant centers and develop existing kidney transplant programs in emerging countries. Please note that the program is open to all ISN and TTS members. This initiative fosters partnerships between experienced transplant centers in the developed world (Supporting Centers or SCs) and new and developing transplant centers (Emerging Centers or ECs) in low-resource regions, providing a framework and funding for up to six years of collaboration if adequate progress is made.

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