2023 International Transplantation Science Meeting

The ITS 2023 committee is extending the abstract submission deadline to January 16, 2023 at 23:59 EST due to the general demand from the basic science community.

Transplantation Updates

Transplantation - Highlighted Tweets

Study by #INTERCOMEX shows T cell mediated rejection (TCMR) after kidney #transplantation varies in intensity but is strongly associated to molecular injury and atrophy-fibrosis, explaining its effect on transplant survival.

In this article, @MoeslundNiels et al. compare the difference of the cardiac function with and without aortic arch vessel clamping in a pig model with donation after circulatory death.

Transplantation Direct - Highlighted Tweets

Imhof et al. investigated the T-cell response following COVID-19 vaccination in kidney patients compared with controls.

@ShivaniBisen et al. conducted a national cohort study to characterize trends in the use of A2i LDKT over time and to compare patient and graft survival between A2i and A1i LDKT and ABOc LDKT.

This week some section members were targeted by fraudsters impersonating (spoofing) other members, urgently requesting money on behalf on another colleague utilizing non-TTS e-mail addresses (in this case aol.com emails).

We remind you to be wary when you receive an email requesting emergency funds from another member (or any person).
In almost all cases this will be a fraud attempt and we do not recommend proceeding or even replying to the message unless it has been properly vetted by your IT department. If it involves a person impersonating a TTS or section representative please send a copy of the message to inspect@tts.org..
Click below for tips in recognizing such schemes/scams as well as how the latest spoofing attempt targeting some section members was designed.
TTS Email Server Security
TTS (@tts.org and all meeting website managed by TTS) uses DKIM to sign all our outgoing emails so when your provider receives an email form a @tts.org email they are able to authenticate the message. “DKIM” or “DomainKeys Identified Mail” is an email authentication method designed to detect forged sender addresses in email "spoofing", a technique often used in phishing and email spam.
The recent spoofing method to target individuals of TTS Sections:

The scheme is very simple and basic in the approach

Step 1: The fraudster creates an email account with a large email provider (aol.com, gmail, outlook, yahoo, hotmail, etc). They then use the name of the person they are impersonating, or an acronym of a recognizable institution (for example president.ipita@aol.com) in the user portion of the email address.

Step 2: They visit a website and scrape the names in the council list or committee members list then search for their email addresses on PubMed of Google.

Step 3:  They will, in most cases, send emails requesting emergency financial assistance (stuck an an airport, lost their wallet, etc) and they will ask for you to call them or send money by western union, moneygram, worldremit. wise, etc). The common denominator is the amounts are usually <$1000 however they can be larger but usually with bigger amounts they will ask for a wire transfer. Usually they will try to get you on the phone or simply send you an email with how to send the money.

Step 4: If they get someone on the phone there is an added danger if they get you to log into a website or click a link while on the phone. This spoofing attempt may turn into a Phishing attempt to gain control of your computer.

IPTA 2023 - Extended Early-Bird Registration Deadline

Join us in Austin, Texas, March 25-28, 2023, for the 12th Congress of the International Pediatric Transplant Association!

Early-Bird Registration Extended Deadline: January 15, 2023

Latest Recordings

The Asian Society of Transplantation (AST) added videos from their symposium at ATW2022 in Korea. Asian Society of Transplantation members can access the videos via their member portal on www.myasot.org and TTS members may access on our website.

SPLIT is running a "4th Year Fellow Series" which includes talks on advanced hepatology and pediatric transplantation topics aimed to increase the knowledge of 4th year liver transplant fellows globally.

The series is open to SPLIT Fellows only however all TTS and SPLIT members may view the recordings!
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Added December 13, 2022

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