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Handle with Care: Pediatric and Adult Transplant Teams Working Together For Successful Transition

20732.1 - Handle with Care: Pediatric and Adult Transplant Teams Working Together For Successful Transition

Presenter: Melissa Semp, Stephen Molitor, Sarang Thaker, , ,
Authors: Melissa Semp, Stephen Molitor, Sarang Thaker, Megan Faseler, Jill Plevinsky, Michelle Nadler


In this webinar, our speakers will present on the importance of healthcare transition, barriers and strategies to transition as well as well as the impact of neurocognitive /executive functioning on transition from pediatric to adult care.

Preparation required for successful transition from a pediatric to adult transplant program continues to require thoughtful and advanced planning on the part of the pediatric transplant program - however many centers do not have a formalized transition program. Special attention is needed for those patients who have neurocognitive and developmental delay to ensure they have the proper support from caregivers. Additionally, adult transplant programs need to be aware of how to successful integrate these former pediatric patients into their adult transplant programs.

This program will not only discuss what’s needed for a successful transition program but will also highlight a pediatric transplant program’s transition clinic as a potential model. The webinar will also discuss those patients with special needs, who can be often overlooked in the process. We will also hear from an adult transplant team about the challenges and potential solutions to ensure successful integration, which is not something previously presented.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss importance of healthcare transition from pediatric to adult transplant care professionals
  • Discuss barriers to transition
  • Discuss special populations with neurocognitive deficits and the impact on transition for both pediatric and adult providers
  • Review tools and strategies for transition, including benefits of a transition clinic
  • Discuss special considerations for adult transplant providers when a pediatric patient transitions

Michelle Nadler, USA


Megan Faseler, USA


Jill Plevinsky, USA


Melissa Semp, USA


Stephen Molitor, USA


Sarang Thaker, USA


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