The Transplantation Society is a non-profit NGO providing global leadership in transplantation. Our core mission includes the development of the science and clinical practice, scientific communication, continuing education and guidance on the ethical practice.

News, Education and Official Journals

The Tribune Pulse, weekly TTS digest of updates and world transplantation news.

Series of educational webinars specially designed for the whole TTS membership

Official journal of TTS. The most cited journal in Transplantation.

Official open-access rapid electronic publication of peer reviewed articles

TTS 2020 Awards

The Medawar Prize

Recognized as the world's highest dedicated award for the most outstanding contributions in the field of transplantation.

Application Extended Deadline - May 22, 2020

TTS Thomas Starzl Innovation Award

The award recognizes individuals who, though advanced and original work, have contributed significantly to transplantation, thereby reflecting the spirit pioneered by Dr. Starzl.

Application Extended Deadline - May 22, 2020

TTS Recognition Awards

These awards recognize individuals who have made a major international impact in the field of transplantation.

Application Extended Deadline - May 22, 2020

WIT Awards

The Woman Leader in Transplantation Award and Unsung Hero Award will be presented to women with extraordinary impact in the field.

Application Extended Deadline - May 22, 2020

Official TTS Sections

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Endorsed by over 100 international organizations. Visit us online at for the latest news and updates.

TTS's WIT initiative has been working to promote women in the field of transplantation and be an advocate for equity for patients and careers.

Representing the most comprehensive source to date of worldwide data concerning activities in organ donation and transplantation.

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