The Outreach Committee oversees all phases of the Outreach Program. This includes reviewing and evaluating applications, performing onsite needs assessments, and working with selected centers to further develop their programs.


  • Committee review of mission and purpose of the Committee as well as a current overview of current projects and application for a new RFA
  • Review the status of the two most recently completed outreach trips to Sri Lanka and South Africa and determine next steps for these program participants
  • Provide a plan to IPTA Council for a new call for applications
  • Develop partnerships with other societies who may co-sponsor sister-program agreements
  • Update outcomes assessment of Outreach program sites
  • Update status and activity of all previous Outreach program sites

Members of the Outreach Committee

Chair Raymond Reding Brussels, Belgium
Council Liaison Mignon McCulloch Cape Town, SA
AHNP Correspondent Jenny Wichart Calgary, Canada
Member Megan Adams Denver, USA
Member Amrita Dosanjh San Diego, USA
Member Evelyn Hsu Seattle, USA
Member Christine Hwang Dallas, USA
Member Dominique Jan New York, USA
Member Maria Amalia Matamoros San Jose, Costa Rica
Member Mara Medeiros Mexico City , Mexico
Member JoAnn Morey Boston, USA
Member Priya Pais Bangalore, India
Member Hanh Vo Omaha, USA
Ex-Officio Fiona Mackie Sydney, Australia



Staff Directory
+1-514-874-1717 ,X : 210


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