As you may be aware, the IPTA Council recently decided to establish organ-specific Communities (Liver, Thoracic and Kidney). These forums welcome the participation of all IPTA members, providing an opportunity to contribute and enrich IPTA's activities. Organ-specific Communities are envisioned to spearhead guideline development, foster discussions on organ allocation, and delve into various specific other subjects. Unlike the structured IPTA Committees, which operate based on Council decisions, IPTA Communities are designed to cultivate their own ideas and projects, drawing inspiration from the collective membership.

Your active engagement is crucial in shaping and enhancing our activities. IPTA members may join multiple Communities and also one Committee, and there is no attendance requirement for Communities.

We outline below the upcoming schedule of organ-specific Community calls, and invite all IPTA members to join!

Community Calls have been set up as follows:

IPTA Thoracic Community Call - Monday, July 8th, 3pm EDT

Community Chair:

Dr. Jonathan Johnson

Mayo Clinic
Rochester, MN, USA

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IPTA Liver Community Call - Tuesday, July 9th, 3pm EDT

Community Chair:

Dr. Jean Botha

Intermountain, Canyon Surgical
Salt Lake City, UT, USA

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IPTA Kidney Community Call - Thursday, July 11th, 3pm EDT

Community Chair:

Dr. Tom Blydt-Hansen

BC Children’s Hospital
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Join us in this exciting journey to become a more integrated part of IPTA, contributing to the expansion and improvement of our shared initiatives. If you are interested in being part of one of our organ-specific Communities, please join us on the calls detailed above, or reach out to IPTA’s Section Manager, Katie Tait.



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