IPTA Outreach Fellowship 2023

IPTA is delighted to announce the launch of its inaugural Outreach Fellowship program in 2023. This program aims to develop and support the careers of young investigators/physicians/ Allied Health & Nursing Professionals from low income or low middle income countries as defined by the World Bank. We look forward to receiving applications.

The program will offer two awards of $5,000 USD per year.

this fellowship/grant offers young investigators/physicians/allied health and nursing professionals (defined as less than 10 years in the sub-specialty, or less than 10 years from the last post-graduate/terminal degree training) from low income or low middle income countries (A preference will be given to non-profit or public/low-cost centres adhering to the Declaration of Istanbul) a financial contribution to spend a short period (up to 3 months) at a supporting institution to learn a new clinical/diagnostic/therapeutic procedure or techniques not available in their home country/institution, or to learn how to set up a specific service/healthcare model, and/or to accomplish a focused research project.
Amount Awarded
Max $5,000 USD.
  • Candidates must be active IPTA members in good standing or have applied for membership at the time of the application
  • Candidates must reside in LIC or LMIC (Data for Low income, Low & middle income | Data (worldbank.org)
  • Candidates must be less than 10 years in the sub-specialty or less than 10 years from the last post-graduate/terminal degree training
  • Research/clinical supervisor in hosting institution must be an active IPTA member in good standing.
Please ensure your application includes the following:
  • A current CV
  • A letter of intent with a brief description of the planned project/visit with specific learning aims outlined.
  • A detailed budget must be provided. Ideally this should include a stipend, travel to the site and accommodation, and educational materials. It should not be used for purchasing materials or equipment
  • 2 x reference letters (one from supervisor or head of department of the home institution and one from the hosting institution indicating the time and support available for supervision and/or research opportunity if relevant, equipment, etc.)
  • A final report must be submitted to the IPTA Outreach Committee upon completing the fellowship/projects. This will take the form of a pro forma developed by the IPTA Outreach Committee. Failure to do so within 6 months of completion will result in request for reimbursement of funds.
  • Results of the training program or the research projects (if applicable) are strongly encouraged to be submitted for presentation as poster/oral presentation at the next IPTA Congress and/or submitted to Pediatric Transplantation for publication.
Hosting institution
  • must be different from the home country.
  • The research/clinical supervisor in the hosting institution must be an active IPTA member in good standing.
  • Skill/technique/research which candidate wants to acquire must be available and the host should be willing to support the candidate’s training in this field.
  • Candidacy should be to be submitted to Katie Tait IPTA Section Manager at katie.tait@tts.org before January 15, 2023. Please ensure that all applications include everything outlined in the above Applications section. Incomplete applications will be declared ineligible.
  • The winners for 2023 will be announced at the Awards & Business Meeting on March 27 at the IPTA Congress in Austin, Texas.
  • Supported activity should take place within one year from this date.
  • A final report should be sent within 6 months of the end of the supported activity.



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