IPTA Mentoring Program

IPTA promotes involvement of all of its members, especially those in their early career or those who work in places where publication is not considered a priority in the scientific community. For this purpose, a mentoring program has been developed. Hereby, early career researchers can access research projects improving their publication yield.

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To sign up to become a Mentor to this Program, or if you are a researcher looking for a Mentor, please visit the IPTA Mentoring Program page and complete the form to send us your details and contact information.

Mentoring Levels

There are four levels of mentoring offered by IPTA, with increasing participation of the mentor from level 1 to 4, sharing authorship if applicable. At level four, virtual and/or face-to-face help is contemplated as a "visiting professor." There are also opportunities for more general mentoring, or mentoring in other areas if required. The four levels are the following:

Level 1
The basic level of mentorship would be providing help with publication and give an opportunity to researchers to have a peer style review prior to official submission. The committee especially encourages those non-native English speakers who have not had an opportunity to share with native English language speakers. The mentor will serve mainly as “proof reader”, i.e. will help with language corrections. Such help should not imply a substantial manuscript revision, therefore the mentor should not expect to share authorship of the paper and should only be acknowledged for her/his contribution.
Level 2
The second option is that the mentor substantially contributes to the writing of the manuscript. As this is more demanding a shared authorship may be discussed with the mentee and her/his institution depending on the extent of the contribution.
Level 3
A third level of mentorship would involve the mentor already during project design and research development. At this higher level of mentorship, the mentor may also give advice to professional development of her/his mentee. In case this contribution should lead to publication, we would strongly advice that authorship should be shared.
Level 4
In specific cases, mentorship could be an ongoing process, which could lead to a “visiting professorship” of the respective mentor at the mentee’s institution. This could include an active engagement of the mentor by providing educational webinars on e.g. “Manuscript writing”, “Designing and developing a research project”.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity of being mentored by experienced professionals in the pediatric transplant community. We look forward to assigning suitable mentee-mentor pairings!



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