The committee’s purpose is to assure that important topics related to the transplantation of children are brought to the attention of the transplant community and beyond through appropriate publication tools. The committee does this through committee-driven writing projects and the quarterly newsletter. We assist especially younger IPTA members in developing their writing skills and scientific output through an individual mentoring program.

About Peer Mentoring Initiative

Would you like help from senior IPTA members to refine your research question or review your manuscripts to increase likelihood of publication? The Publications Committee would like to invite you to participate in the Peer Mentoring designed to increase access to experienced reviews. We would like to offer to participants a chance to have dialog with those experienced in the publication process prior to final submission. Responsibilities of your mentor would reviewer style feedback to you and being available for subsequent questions. Our mentors are also willing to refine language to meet standards for publication, especially for non-native English speakers. If you want to become a mentor, please contact Chesney Castleberry ( with your research question or manuscript!

Members of the Publications Committee

Chair Marta Monteverde Buenos Aires, Argentina
Council Liaison Luca Dello Strologo Rome, Italy
AHNP Correspondent Adrianna Sikora Aurora, USA
Member Christian Benden Zurich, Switzerland
Member Chesney Castleberry Austin, USA
Member Koji Hashimoto Ohio, USA
Member Ajai Khanna Pittsburgh, USA
Member Ahmad Mirza Augusta, USA
Member Dechu Puliyanda Los Angeles, USA
Member Rajiv Sinha Kolkata, India
Member Jason Vanatta Tennessee, USA
Ex-Officio Anette Melk Hannover, Germany
PETR Representative Burkhard Toenshoff Heidelberg, Germany



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