RFA 2022

The SPLIT Council is delighted to announce an RFA in 2022 for SPLIT members and SPLIT Registry sites. There will be funding available to support research, quality improvement, education, advocacy, and innovative ideas that will serve to advance the mission of SPLIT.

Any proposal focusing on the gaps and barriers at any phase of the transplant process that will optimize outcomes for infants, children, and adolescents who have undergone liver transplantation will be considered. This includes but is not limited to topics like donor selection and allocation, pre-transplant, intra-operative, peri-operative and post-transplant care. In addition, we encourage applications from SPLIT Allied Health Professionals as well as multi-disciplinary team colleagues such as anesthesiology, interventional radiology, and pathology within our SPLIT sites.

  1. The primary applicant (principal investigator) must be a current SPLIT individual member in good standing (dues for 2022 must be paid).
  2. The primary applicant must be associated with a SPLIT Registry site (the primary applicant should be at a SPLIT Registry site or partnered with a collaborator at a SPLIT Registry site). The SPLIT Registry and/or infrastructure must be used in part or in whole for the proposed project.
  3. The application/proposal must be aligned in some fashion with at least one of the following SPLIT priorities:
    1. Increasing pediatric liver transplant patient voice
    2. Advocacy for pediatric liver transplantation
    3. Access to pediatric liver transplant healthcare (i.e. allocation practices, disparities, etc.)
    4. Improvement in pediatric liver transplant outcomes and/or standards of care
    5. Intra-operative, peri-operative or post-transplant management or complications
    6. Long term health/quality of life challenges
    7. Improving training, education, or diversity in pediatric liver transplant professionals
  4. Applications may be submitted under the categories of Research, Quality Improvement, Advocacy, Education, or Innovation.
Research Application/Proposal
  1. Applications/proposals should be submitted to Katie Tait (katie.tait@tts.org). The EXTENDED deadline for submission is July 31, 2022. Applications that do not follow the page limits, margin and font allowance will not be considered.
  2. Each application/proposal should include a Cover Page with the Title of the Study, name of the Principal Investigator (primary applicant) and Co-Investigators with their institutional affiliations and faculty designation (Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Trainee). The cover page is not included in the page count.
  3. Proposals will be limited to an absolute total of 3 pages, and must be completed in Arial 11pt font, with ½ inch margins. The proposal should include background (1/2 page); hypothesis and specific aims (1/2 page); methods (study design, research methods, statistical analysis and study duration) (1/2-1 page); relevant experience of the principal investigator (primary applicant) and co-investigators (1/2 page); anticipated impact and significance to SPLIT.
  4. The maximum budget requested should NOT exceed $10,000 and should not include administrative costs. The estimated budget or portion of the budget involving the SPLIT database/registry/infrastructures with justification (1/2 page) should be reviewed by Emmes prior to submission. Please allow 3 weeks for review by Emmes.
  5. List of references/cited literature should be included after the proposal and will NOT be counted in the total 3-page limit.
  6. No appendices, supplemental figures, or data will be considered and are NOT allowed.

Please click below to view the SPLIT CRF so that the data that is available through the SPLIT database is identifiable.

If you have any questions, please contact Katie Tait (katie.tait@tts.org) prior to the submission deadline.

Extended Deadline:
July 31, 2022

Please allow an additional 3 weeks if requiring review by Emmes.



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